Contract type: permanent
Workplace: Trieste

Our client is an elite software engineering Company, specialized in challenging projects where somebody said “that’s impossible to do”.
They strongly believe in technical competence and all around excellence to deliver.

They work in cross-functional, cohesive, fluid and highly independent teams aligned to business outcomes, where clients and developers act together towards a shared goal.

       What we look for: Senior software engineer

  • You have hands-on experience with several programming languages and platforms, and you understand most of the moving parts in the applications you work on. Java, J2EE, Spring, Scala, Go, Rust, C#, .NET, Python.
  • We think that, in a world of ever-changing languages and technologies, the most valuable and transferable assets are experience and competence, not tools. 
  • You can work on distributed applications with high-availability/high-performance/high-security requirements.
  • You’re interested in mastering development practices.
    You are familiar with different approaches (Lean, Agile) and practices (pair programming, TDD, CI/CD).
  • You move swiftly between on-premise and cloud-based (AWS, GCP, Azure) deployment pipelines.
  • You have strong, experience-based opinions and are not afraid of having them challenged. 

    What they offer
    • A first-class team where both mutual learning and teaching are welcome.
    • Diverse and technically challenging projects to work on: from IoT to enterprise systems, from the shiny new startup to the secretive niche project which will twist your mind with unpredictable requirements and technical challenges.
    • A collaborative organization where every team member has autonomy, purpose and a direct influence in shaping our Company.
    • An open, informal environment that welcomes research, experiments and failures.
    • Business transparency: discuss with clients, get to know why and how you’re delivering value, be updated and understand what’s good for us.
    • An innovative, well-balanced, continuously-tuned remuneration package .
    • Respect for your time. They want their people to be relaxed, clear minded and focused, so we aim for reasonable, flexible working hours and minimal (if any) overtime.
    • A cozy work environment with nice perks (beer tap, coffee, no purchase policy, LAN parties at lunch)